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#146: Upload in OMEMO works, but image is not displayed
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 In an OMEMO session, http image upload works for the "Conversations"
 client, but gajim with omemo and http_upload plugins can not display the
 image, even though it can upload the image successfully.

 This bug manifests in the same way if the image was uploaded by
 Conversations or gajim. The image is only visible on Conversations in both
 cases, not gajim.

 Unencrypted upload works fine in both cases.

 Gajim 0.16.5-978573139f4b (Debian Jessie)
 python-cryptography  0.6.1-1 (Debian Jessie)
 http_upload 0.4.1
 OMEMO 0.9.0

 Conversations 1.14.5

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