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#111: Trigger: Add condition based on focus of conversation
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 The trigger plugin currently allows me to make triggers conditional on
 whether there already is a conversation open with a certain peer or not.
 I'd like to argue that this is a fairly useless distinction for at least
 some use-cases.

 * I am often working with multiple windows, like a browser, an editor and
 a chat program.
 * I do not close all the conversation windows I had opened just because I
 change focus to another window. Doing that would be fairly annoying - not
 only would the conversation be cut off and only the last few messages
 shown, it would also involve doing way more clicks to switch from Gajim to
 another program.
 * As a result, I often have a Gajim window in background that has quite a
 few conversations already open. But in terms of me noticing that anything
 happens, they could just as well all be closed - I won't actually see
 anything happening on any of these conversations, because the window is in

 With the trigger plugin, I now have the choice between getting
 notifications even for the very conversation I am currently in, and not
 getting notifications for conversations that are open, but hidden in
 background. Every other chat program I used can detect whether the *input
 focus* is currently in some conversation, and only inhibit notifications
 for focused conversations (and/or maybe for all conversations of the
 focused window).

 So, please, offer the option to make triggers conditional on where the
 input focus is. Currently, Gajim notifications are inferior compared to
 other messagers, even with all the flexibility offered by the Triggers
 plugin. Personally, I cannot imagine a situation where I would want to
 treat a conversation that's closed differently from a conversation that's
 open, but not visible to the user at all due to its window being
 minimized, in background, or on another workspace. But the focus option(s)
 could easily be added to the ones that depend on whether the conversation
 is open or not, so any previous setup continues to work.

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