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#105: Brooks Insurance
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 Can you believe the finish of January is right here? With heating season
 in full swing you could have missed the new
 OSHA regulations] and record maintaining recommendations.

 You can locate a copy of the OSHA CD-ROM via the Superintendent of
 Documents. The CD-ROM can't be obtained directly from OSHA or from the
 Department of Labor. Costs on
 annual subscriptions] and quarterly updates are offered by the Government
 Printing Office.

 The Bloodborne Pathogens Regular has quite a few requirements, such as the
 development of an Exposure Handle Plan. The Regular also contains
 guidelines certain to particular sorts of wastes generated at healthcare
 facilities, termed regulated waste." Regulated waste contains blood and
 things contaminated with blood or other potentially infectious materials
 (OPIM). This section of the HERC Center includes a summary of OSHA
 Bloodborne Pathogens Requirements relating to regulated waste.

 It is the employer's duty to figure out the existence of regulated waste.
 This determination should not based on actual volume of blood, but rather
 on the potential to release blood, (e.g., when compacted in the waste
 container). If an OSHA inspector determines that enough proof of regulated
 waste exists, either by way of observation, (e.g., a pool of liquid in the
 bottom of a container, dried blood flaking off in the course of handling),
 or primarily based on employee interviews, citations might be issued.

 OSHA has offered some added guidance for the determination of regulated
 waste. OSHA stated that bandages which are not saturated to the point of
 releasing blood or OPIM if compressed would not be regarded as regulated
 waste. Similarly, discarded feminine hygiene products do not generally
 meet the criteria for regulated waste as defined by the regular. Beyond
 these recommendations, it is the employer's duty to establish the
 existence of regulated waste.

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