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Tue Nov 12 23:40:56 CET 2013

#84: Proper UI integration with Gajim
Reporter:  Darlan       |       Owner:
    Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new
Priority:  major        |   Component:  OffTheRecordPlugin
Keywords:               |  Blocked By:
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 * Remove `Off-the-Record Encryption` menu and menu items `Start / Refresh
 OTR` and `End OTR` (to be replaced with `Toggle Off-the-Record

 1. Activation: Show advanced functions (Alt+D)
     ☐ Toggle OpenPGP Encryption
     ☐ Toggle End to End Encryption
     ☑ Toggle Off-the-Record Encryption

 2. Allocating fingerprint: Show advanced functions (Alt+D) > Manage
 Contact > OTR settings / fingerprint (maybe, `Assign OTR fingerprint...`.
 See `Assign OpenPGP Key...`).

 3. Use the shield button to display further information on OTR
 fingerprint, exactly like how it is being done with SASL encryption in
 Gajim. (I will detail in comments).

 4. [OTR] status messages are not displayed as status messages in Gajim
 History Viewer (Ctrl + H), rather they are displayed as if they were
 messages of contact.

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