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#65: Acronym convertor (Proper English, I say)
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Comment (by Darlan):

 ||afaik ||as far as I know||
 ||afaict        ||as far as I can tell||
 ||afk   ||away from keyboard||
 ||atm   ||at the moment||
 ||bbiab ||be back in a bit||
 ||bbiaf ||be back in a few (minutes)||
 ||bbl   ||be back later||
 ||bbs   ||be back soon||
 ||b/c   ||because||
 ||bf    ||boyfriend||
 ||bfo   ||blinding flash of the obvious||
 ||brb   ||be right back||
 ||bsod  ||blue screen of death||
 ||btw   ||by the way||
 ||ciao  ||Italian for goodbye||
 ||ctrn  ||can't talk right now||
 ||cul8r ||see you later||
 ||cya   ||see ya||
 ||dhtb  ||don't have the bandwidth||
 ||f2f   ||face to face||
 ||fubar ||fucked up beyond all recognition||
 ||fwiw  ||for what it's worth||
 ||fyi   ||for your information||
 ||gmta  ||great minds think alike||
 ||iam   ||in a meeting||
 ||ianal ||I am not a lawyer||
 ||ihmb  ||I hate my boss||
 ||iirc  ||if I recall correctly||
 ||imho  ||in my humble opinion||
 ||imo   ||in my opinion||
 ||iow   ||in other words||
 ||irl   ||in real life||
 ||<g>   ||grin||
 ||*g*   ||grin||
 ||gf    ||girlfriend||
 ||gmta  ||great minds think alike||
 ||gtg   ||got to go||
 ||jid   ||jabber identifier||
 ||j/k   ||just kidding||
 ||k     ||okay||
 ||lol   ||laugh out loud||
 ||l8r   ||later||
 ||msg   ||message||
 ||n/m   ||never mind||
 ||n/p   ||no problem||
 ||oAo   ||over and out! ||
 ||omg   ||oh my god||
 ||oob   ||out of band||
 ||otoh  ||on the other hand||
 ||oww   ||oops, wrong window! ||
 ||otp   ||on the phone||
 ||pita  ||pain in the ass||
 ||pov   ||point of view||
 ||pw    ||password||
 ||rotfl ||rolling on the floor laughing||
 ||rsn   ||real soon now||
 ||rtfm  ||read the friendly manual||
 ||slap  ||sounds like a plan||
 ||thx   ||thanks||
 ||tia   ||thanks in advance||
 ||tla   ||three-letter arconym||
 ||ttfn  ||ta ta for now||
 ||ttyl  ||talk to you later||
 ||wb    ||welcome back||
 ||wfm   ||works for me||
 ||wtf   ||what the fuck?! ||
 ||wtg   ||way to go! ||
 ||xfer  ||transfer||
 ||ymmv  ||your mileage may vary||

 Source: [http://archive.jabber.org/userguide/#acronyms Appendix A. Common
 IM Acronyms] (Jabber User Guide)

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