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#14: Needs updating
  Reporter:  Rolandixor  |      Owner:  Kaini
      Type:  defect      |     Status:  new
  Priority:  major       |  Component:  UbuntuIntegrationPlugin
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Comment (by Valeryan_24):


 I comment on this existing bug as it has no answer, to avoid opening a new

 There are 2 problems with Ubuntu Ayatana Integration plugin :

 - the link of website given is not correct, it's written http://trac-
 plugins.gajim.org/wiki/UbuntuIntegration instead of http://trac-

 - Plugin does not work anymore on Ubuntu Quantal 12.10 (impossible to
 activate it even with python-indicate and python-xdg installed) as Ubuntu
 developers changed libmessaging-menu api (deprecating the old libindicate
 library) :


 They corrected it for Gwibber, Thunderbird, Empathy, Pidgin... as there
 are packaged for Ubuntu, but here it's a zip plugin not in the
 repositories, so for the moment there is no solution on Ubuntu 12.10 for
 Gajim integration in Messaging menu.

 Thanks !

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