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Alex Malmyguine alex.malmyguine at bluesun.ca
Tue Jun 26 19:11:36 CEST 2018

You know that 0.15 is the last version with audio (according to your earlier replies re missing audio support in 0.16+), and some users need just that.

Please put plugins back onto FTP.

Thank you

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Indeed, I removed the plugin_0.15 from our FTP. I don't remember for how long I did that.

The first 0.16 release was october 2014, nearly 4 years ago, so it's a way to force people to update to a newer version. (Last 0.15 is 5 years old)


On 25/06/2018 23:16, Alex Malmyguine wrote:
Have you blocked installation of plugins into 0.15 series? Plugin installer freezes when enabling and switching over to the available plugins tab.
We need audio functionality and cannot use further versions. If you are blocking installation of plugins intentionally, please speak up.

Thank you


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