[Gajim-devel] Alternative UI support

defanor defanor at uberspace.net
Tue Apr 10 16:32:05 CEST 2018


Gajim has a rather good XMPP support, but I'd prefer a different UI
(particularly that of Emacs; the clients available from it have worse
XMPP support).

Gajim's D-Bus interface would be handy for that, but apparently some of
the important events (e.g., [decrypted-]message-received) are not
included into the interface. Seems like one can write a plugin to
provide those (since those are exposed to plugins), but since many
events are already provided by the core, maybe those (and perhaps a few
more) should be exposed by it too, unless there are security concerns or
other reasons not to.

If that will be implemented, it may also be desirable to run Gajim
"headless", so that it would be usable (even if somewhat restricted) in
environments without X.

Would those be desirable changes, or should I focus on a plugin, or
perhaps there are other ways to achieve it?

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