[Gajim-devel] always visible notifications (for incoming group chat messages?)

Kristian Rink kawazu428 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 08:17:39 CET 2017


we're using XMPP and various clients (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS) in a 
mid-sized company for internal communication and have one use case so 
far left unresolved: We want to establish certain channels to send out 
messages to each and every user and make sure they are seen *under all 
circumstances*. Best solution for this would be to, like, pop up a 
dialog or message window centered on the screen, focussed and in front 
of all windows so to make sure the incoming message doesn't go unnoticed.

Can I achieve something like this using gajim? Right now, I am using 
group chats and notify_on_all_muc_messages = true, but that seems to 
result just in the gajim system tray icon blinking whenever a message 
arrives - which is not what I need for my desktop users.

Do you think the setup I outlined can in any way be done using gajim? 
Any hints on how to do that if so?

TIA and all the best,

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