[Gajim-devel] Issue #8749

Annika Sommer annika.sommer at fu-berlin.de
Sun Nov 12 18:23:10 CET 2017


We are Sergii and Annika, two computer science students from the "Freie 
Universit├Ąt Berlin". We are currently doing a course named "software 
engineering processes" and in this context we are studying open source 
projects and the processes they follow. We would like to contribute to 
the Gajim project by resolving one of the current issues.

We would like to implement the issue #8749 "Misleading error message 
joining a room", posted here https://dev.gajim.org/gajim/gajim/issues/8749.

Our plan:

In the method handle_event_gc_presence(self, obj) located in 
gajim/gui_interface_in.py, there is no distinction between the errors 
'remote-server-not-found' and 'item-not-found'. We want to deliver the 
correct error message to the user by adding a separate error case and 
message for 'remote-server-not-found', which doesn't exist at the moment.

We would appreciate any feedback.

Best wishes,
Sergii and Annika

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