[Gajim-devel] List of proxies for file transfer

Yann Leboulanger asterix at lagaule.org
Mon Sep 19 16:44:28 CEST 2016

>> Most server reserve that to their users.
> And it seems gajim doesn't query an user's server about available proxy
> server. Or something goes wrong. I tried both Pidgin and Gajim with
> jabber.ru and the first one worked, it used proxy of the jabber.ru
> server for the file transfer according its logs.
> Does gajim tries to get info about available proxies from an account's
> server? If it does then I will try to debug what's happening in my
> setup.

Yes Gajim discovers on every connexion if the server has a proxy, and 
tests it by faking a transfer. But ... It fakes a transfer from a JID 
that is not on your server's domain, and so the server sometimes refuse 
that. So Gajim consider the proxy doesn't work. That may be your 
problem. You can disable the tests that Gajim runs in the advanced 
option editor, search for test_ft_proxies_on_startup.

>> Notifying the user doesn't sound a very good idea to me.
>> Most users don't even know what a FT proxy is. So telling them that if
>> they use another server that has a proxy would help won't improve things
>> IMHO.
> But silently do nothing is also not an option, imho. I think the user
> should find at least that Use file transfer proxies setting is not
> available for her (e.g. grayed out). The reason can be hidden by
> default somewhere, but still should be available for those who are
> interested.

The problem is that it depends on your server at the moment you connect. 
Gajim can't know, until you are connected and it tests all proxies if it 
can offer a proxy. So we can't grey the option.
Displaying an error dialog to the user isn't very good because as you 
tested, there is no open proxy, and several servers don't have a proxy. 
So all users of those servers will get this error dialog without 
understanding it. the use_ft_proxy has to be read as "if available"

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