[Gajim-devel] restore active status

Yann Leboulanger asterix at lagaule.org
Fri Sep 16 12:05:11 CEST 2016

I imagine nnyou're still under windows? Then no, Gajim automatically 
retries to re-connect.

But it retries after a delay that increase. A few seconds just after the 
deconnection, then it grows to several minutes, several hours, ...

see http://trac.gajim.org/ticket/8393



Le 15/09/2016 à 21:48, Alex Malmyguine a écrit :
> Does any Gajim settings need to be adjusted to make it automatically ping the server and restore active status after the server went down and back up?
> I am working with Ignite OpenFire XMPP server over the standard ports if it matters.
> Thanks
> Alex
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