[Gajim-devel] 0.16.5 file transfers and audio/video - do they work for anyone at all?

Alex Malmyguine alex.malmyguine at bluesun.ca
Tue May 10 21:36:59 CEST 2016


Here's the log showing the scenario where two Gajim instances on the same LAN sub-net cannot exchange one single small file.
No firewall here, the sender sees the xfer completed, but recipient gets an error and the transfer never completes for them.


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On 05/10/2016 04:01 PM, Alex Malmyguine wrote:
> In the past (perhaps with v. 0.15 of so) I was able to voice-chat with 
> a user directly connected to the Internet on their end.
> My Gajim is on the LAN behind a router, his Gajim and Jitsi were on a 
> machine directly plugged into a DSL modem.
> I am trying to do that with Gajim 0.16.5 and it is not working. It is 
> not even working when the same user connects to my LAN over VPN.
> It is not even working between 2 machines on my LAN. They are in the 
> same sub-net with no firewalls whatsoever.
> Pressing microphone or webcam button does absolutely nothing with the 
> Gajim clients, and if they are using Jitsi they get a call that never 
> connects.
> I never get their calls in Gajim, as if they never tried to initiate 
> audio or video call.
> The file transfers do not work either. I can probably send one file on 
> the LAN, but sending 2-3 files results in 1 of them getting forever 
> stuck on my end at 96% and on their end they appear as cancelled as if 
> I stopped the transfer on my end.
> File transfers over the Internet do not work at all, they all appear 
> cancelled on the receiving end. When that user connects via VPN it 
> does not work too. The VPN setup is such that they can only connect to 
> the XMPP server and do not have a direct connection to any other hosts 
> on the LAN. The XMPP server has media and file transfer proxies enabled.
> So bottom line is – nothing but text messaging works at all.
> Did anyone else try to use Gajim for voice, video and file transfers?
> Did that work?
> This is so odd: there is a dozen open source chat programs out there 
> such as Miranda, Phi, Pidgin, Ekiga, Gajim, Jitsi etc that advertise 
> the voice/video calls, but none of them actually work for me, and my 
> LAN/WAN set up is nothing unorthodox.  Jitsi to Jitsi kind of works, 
> and at some point I was able to even share desktop simultaneously with 
> voice/video chat, but there is a one big show-stopper about Jitsi: it 
> constantly freezes solid under Linux and has to be killed and 
> re-started. It also freezes solid when switching keyboard to a 
> non-Latin layout. So I cannot use that and have to look for other 
> solution, but none works.
> I could ask Yann if he ever tested these scenarios, but he does not 
> seem to be forthcoming towards the bug reports as of lately, so I am 
> not holding my breath.
> Alex

Hi Alex,

Indeed we have exchanged a few mails about your file transfer problems.
And to sum up: You send me 3 XML logs, and each logs was a different case. First one an d SI / IBB transfer, second one a SI / socks5 transfer, and third one, a Jingle / socks5 transfer.

With your first logs, I was able to fix the problem. IBB transfer now should work correctly.

For your second logs, I told you why it fails:
  - Your contact don't support jingle file transfer (a more recent method)
  - Your contact can't connect Gajim on both your IPs : X.Y.Z.T and .U on port 28011 (maybe a firewall on one of the machines)
  - Your server don't offer a file transfer proxy """

And for the third logs, you tried to transfer sever files at the same time. I asked you a question about your network configuration and to try with only one file, and I am waiting your reply.

For Audio / Video calls, yes it seems libs have changed things. It doesn't work very well in 0.16 branch. I try to have it working correctly in the next major release.


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