[Gajim-devel] 0.16.5 file transfers and audio/video - do they work for anyone at all?

Alex Malmyguine alex.malmyguine at bluesun.ca
Tue May 10 16:01:34 CEST 2016

In the past (perhaps with v. 0.15 of so) I was able to voice-chat with a user directly connected to the Internet on their end.
My Gajim is on the LAN behind a router, his Gajim and Jitsi were on a machine directly plugged into a DSL modem.

I am trying to do that with Gajim 0.16.5 and it is not working. It is not even working when the same user connects to my LAN over VPN.
It is not even working between 2 machines on my LAN. They are in the same sub-net with no firewalls whatsoever.

Pressing microphone or webcam button does absolutely nothing with the Gajim clients, and if they are using Jitsi they get a call that never connects.

I never get their calls in Gajim, as if they never tried to initiate audio or video call.

The file transfers do not work either. I can probably send one file on the LAN, but sending 2-3 files results in 1 of them getting forever stuck on my end at 96% and on their end they appear as cancelled as if I stopped the transfer on my end.
File transfers over the Internet do not work at all, they all appear cancelled on the receiving end. When that user connects via VPN it does not work too. The VPN setup is such that they can only connect to the XMPP server and do not have a direct connection to any other hosts on the LAN. The XMPP server has media and file transfer proxies enabled.

So bottom line is – nothing but text messaging works at all.

Did anyone else try to use Gajim for voice, video and file transfers? Did that work?

This is so odd: there is a dozen open source chat programs out there such as Miranda, Phi, Pidgin, Ekiga, Gajim, Jitsi etc that advertise the voice/video calls, but none of them actually work for me, and my LAN/WAN set up is nothing unorthodox.  Jitsi to Jitsi kind of works, and at some point I was able to even share desktop simultaneously with voice/video chat, but there is a one big show-stopper about Jitsi: it constantly freezes solid under Linux and has to be killed and re-started. It also freezes solid when switching keyboard to a non-Latin layout. So I cannot use that and have to look for other solution, but none works.

I could ask Yann if he ever tested these scenarios, but he does not seem to be forthcoming towards the bug reports as of lately, so I am not holding my breath.

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