[Gajim-devel] Indicating about old messages

Илья Валеев ilya-valeev at yandex.ru
Fri Mar 18 20:25:38 CET 2016

For now it is local server which I use to have some transports, so I
have not Gajim users in roster. For transports I use Spectrum 2.02 and
libpurple and see old messages from skype, telegram and whatsapp users.
I suggest that it is Gajim bug/settings because that does not looks like
/new/ messages received, in this case it would be a new records in history.
In Gajim I changed this settings:



gc_refer_to_nick_char - empty
restore_lines - 0
restore_timeout - 0
connection_types - tls
file_transfer_proxies - empty
change_status_window_timeout - 120
search_engine - empty
max_conversation_lines - 11500
muc_restore_lines - -1

It does not looks that this settings can broke something in my case.

18.03.2016 23:54, Alex Malmyguine пишет:
> FWIW this issue does not exist with Ignite OpenFire server that I am
> using.
> Sometimes I do get a couple of old messages in the chat window when
> re-opening a chat with someone, but never receive “stale” messages
> again in tray once they have been received on my side.
> Gajim 0.16.5 with all settings out of the box except a few _/print/_
> settings that should not affect this behaviour.
> Do you get those old messages from the users of Gajim as well?
> Alex
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> Hello!
> I'm have unexpected behaviour of Gajim. When I turn computer to sleep
> mode and connect to XMPP server next day, Gajim notify me about /old/
> messages (blink in tray and task bar). It shows old messages from
> contact from previous day, added them to end of chat window (and
> displays that they was received one day ago). No new record in history
> appears.
> restore_lines=0
> restore_timeout=0
> I can not find any more related options.
> Is it bug and I should create issue or is it expected behaviour? Am I
> right that this is Gajim functionality? If it expected behaviour, can
> you tell me how to disable it?
> Ejabberd 16.02, Gajim 0.16.5, Debian 8 amd64.
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