[Gajim-devel] Indicating about old messages

Илья Валеев ilya-valeev at yandex.ru
Fri Mar 18 19:46:33 CET 2016

I'm have unexpected behaviour of Gajim. When I turn computer to sleep
mode and connect to XMPP server next day, Gajim notify me about /old/
messages (blink in tray and task bar). It shows old messages from
contact from previous day, added them to end of chat window (and
displays that they was received one day ago). No new record in history
I can not find any more related options.
Is it bug and I should create issue or is it expected behaviour? Am I
right that this is Gajim functionality? If it expected behaviour, can
you tell me how to disable it?

Ejabberd 16.02, Gajim 0.16.5, Debian 8 amd64.

Идентификатор открытого ключа: 1D38C8C9
Отпечаток: 6210 01B6 A34E E490 A9E4  87DD 841D 0ABE 1D38 C8C9

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