[Gajim-devel] Fallback to OSS when no soundplayer found

Jonathan Schleifer js-gajim at webkeks.org
Wed May 25 19:40:29 CEST 2011

Am 24.05.2011 um 19:45 schrieb Zhihao Yuan:

> I'm not sure whether you understand what Gajim does. If your audio
> player (the one only knows OSS) is running, gajim can not open the OSS
> device.

Exactly, so it opens the device for 3 - 4 seconds and I want to play an audio file. My audio player fails to play the next file and errors out. So each time that happens, I have to restart playback.

> Then show me your "experience". Don't imaging.

Ever used NetBSD, where you have no kernel mixing, or OpenBSD without aucat? It happens, it's annoying.

Even worse (and I haven't looked if your patch does that): Wait for the audio device and play the sound. It happend to me already that after I quit mplayer which was playing a movie I got all the event sounds sequentially, so it was playing notification sounds for a few minutes after quitting mplayer…

> You know what? "Busy soundcard is busy soundcard". That's not anyone
> but the stupid GNU believers' fault! 1. Do not complain if you do no
> meet the problem (actually, it's pretty hard to reproduce); 2.
> Complain with GNU's philosophy, not me.

Now you're starting to talk bullshit as GNU has exactly nothing to do with OSS. And it has even less to do with the sound systems on BSDs.

Can you please stop ignoring the problem just for the sake of having your patch applied? Either fix the problem (i.e. make it optional) or don't, but stop making up imaginary arguments like it's GNU's fault even though they have exactly 0 involvement with it.


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