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Yasen Pramatarov yasen at lindeas.com
Tue Mar 16 09:06:44 CET 2010

На Mon, 15 Mar 2010 23:18:31 +0100 Yann Leboulanger написа:
>Ha ok. I'm not against the fact that translators use that, from
>developer POV, that doesn't change anything, but I don't think we can
>rely on developers to go there often and check new translations.

 Transifex can be set up to submit translations directly to the VCS of
 the specific project. In fact that is the best feature of the system
 as I see it, and that is what makes it different from things
 like Launchpad. You get submitting to the source tree _and_ the
 ability to use web interface for translating, when you're in need of


 I'm not affiliated to TF, I just like the idea. With a proper setup of
 rights and accesses Transifex can be totally transparent to both
 programmers and translators.

 And also it is free software and could be made distrubuted.
 http://trac.transifex.org/ You can for instance host you own version
 of the Transifex software although for a single project I don't think
 it's worthy.

>So I think translators should still send the translations to the list
>once it's finished, from transifex or not.

 Well if you stick with this workflow, then I guess you won't need
 Transifex. Transifex could make the process smoother and a bit faster
 but if you require each time sending files to the list it all could
 easily become more a burden than a convenience.

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