[Gajim-devel] GSOC, redux

Yann Leboulanger asterix at lagaule.org
Fri Mar 20 07:02:55 CET 2009

Brendan Taylor wrote:
> In the GC today Arc Riley asked if we wanted to get into GSoC under the
> umbrella of the Python Software Foundation. He's the PSF's coordinator
> this year, and says that we may be able to get a slot there (assuming
> there's a decent student proposal).
> Do we want this? Do we have any good project ideas?
> PS. he had some great encouragement too:
>     Arc Riley: btw, personal note, you guys have done a fantastic job with
>     gajim.  the XMPP console has been invaluable for debugging concordance
>     extensions

Wow that's very a generous proposition!

We have some interesting propositions, see [1], and have also some
interested students. At least 2 students contacted me directly for that.
I'll see if they are still interested.

[1] http://trac.gajim.org/wiki/GajimGSOC

Thanks Arc!!!!

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