[Gajim-devel] Licence incompatibility -- GPL and OpenSSL

Jonathan Schleifer js-gajim at webkeks.org
Tue Jan 27 14:51:27 CET 2009

Am 27.01.2009 um 14:48 schrieb Jonathan Schleifer:

> d8289
> Additionally, GPL explicitely allows "mere aggregation", so even our  
> Windows binaries are no
> See also:
> http://groups.google.com/group/comp.lang.python/msg/ 
> 29c7588fbecproblem, as OpenSSL is a separate DLL which is loaded at  
> runtime.

Sorry, I broke the link. Here's the fixed one:
The "See also:" and the link are in the middle of the sentence, sorry  
for pasting it wrong :/.


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