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Tomasz Melcer wrote:
> Peter Saint-Andre pisze:
>> FYI. What do you guys think? Is anyone still working on the Jingle code?
>> I'd be happy to put you in touch with developers working on other clients.
>> From: Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im>
>> Michael Flaig wrote:
>>> Gajim (gajim.org) is written in python and has a jingle branch that was
>>> developed during google summer of code in it's SVN Repository. However
>>> it is my understanding that the gajim devs stopped developing until the
>>> jingle XEPs have reached draft state.
>> That's unfortunate. Right now a lot of developers are working on Jingle
>> support in Pidgin, Kopete, Empathy, Psi, Yate, SIP Communicator,
>> Pandion, and other clients, so it would be great to see Gajim re-join
>> the list. When that Gajim code was written the XEPs were still changing
>> quite a bit, but I think they're solid now (as witness all the recent
>> activity). Perhaps I'll poke the Gajim devs about this. :)
> I worked on that code. I based it on farsight library, which was
> evolving even faster then :). For some time I couldn't spend enough time
> to keep things working though. Given farsight old enough it should still
> work... but I guess it will be hard to get all things properly working
> now without changing the code.
> It is good to know that Jingle is stabilizing. I'll check what
> needs to be fixed.

Great! I'd be happy to connect you to developers on those other projects
for interop testing etc. There's a lot of momentum right now on the
Jingle front. :)


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