[Gajim-devel] Fwd: UPDATE: net/gajim to 0.12 and drop maintainership

Jonathan Schleifer js-gajim at webkeks.org
Sun Dec 21 12:43:21 CET 2008

Am 21.12.2008 um 12:36 schrieb Yann Leboulanger:

> I think you should read ticket, and test 0.12 branch. There is a  
> missing
> import so sending file is just not possible.

Hm, maybe they're using trunk then. I'll have a look.

>> And please, stop saying that only a few people are affected by this  
>> and
>> only those with a slow connection, because it's just not true. I got
>> people with 16 MBit connection in my roster who get disconnected  
>> all the
>> time etc. And half of those who updated to 0.12 have already  
>> complained
>> to me, and all I could tell them was that it's not my fault and I was
>> against relasing it like that.
> I say that because I got just 0 complaint for this problem except from
> you, no ticket, nothing in private mail, nothing in room (though I'm  
> not
> always in front of my computer), and because svn is tested by a lot of
> users and none complain since it's implemented (11 monthes).
> I'm not saying we should not improve that, just that more people use
> filetransfer (already 3 tickets open for that in 2 days)

That's strange, as it was even discussed in the MUC and reported  
there. You were even highlighted, IIRC. And I got lots of complaints  
in query, even in a social network in the Gajim group were a lot of  
them and I had to explain how to disable keepalives and all said it  
works much more stable since they disabled it.

If you like, I could forward you some. Many users don't seem to use  
the bug tracker, but complain to developers. When you tell them "File  
a ticket", you usually get only a "later" for an answer.

> My goal is not to have as much user as possible, but to have as much
> happy user as possible, and fixing filetransfer will make them more
> happy than if I say : "no no wait some weeks, we have another bug  
> and we
> cannot release before it's fixed".

If my proposed fix doesn't work, we can still release a 0.12.1 without  
a fix for the timeout. But first, I think we should try the proposed  

PS: Could we have a Reply-To:? I was used to just always add gajim-devel at gajim.org 
  to the To: as it's never there, but as you saw lately, that can  
cause quite some confusion (private mail answered publically because  
of that habit etc.)


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