[Gajim-devel] [commit-gajim] r10863 - branches/gajim_0.12/po

Yavor Doganov yavor at gnu.org
Wed Dec 17 22:51:30 CET 2008

Yann Leboulanger wrote:
> I could return you this argument.

No, that is not equivalent, really.

> (no, don't ask users to remove a po file, or set environment
> variables for Gajim, it's not user friendly)

How is setting an environment variable (or a wrapper created only with
a few clicks) less user-friendly than figuring out where to download
the .po from, editing LINGUAS or compiling it and putting it in
localedir?  And the annoyance by a partial translation is a myth.
Maybe it is rare to have partial translations for the major languages
that have strong teams, but for the rest it is something natural.

> But if some people want the half translation, they can download the
> po file from svn.

This is never going to happen.  Well, never say never...

> I don't know what is the opinion of Gajim users, because we don't
> have a way to ask their opinion, but I would be happy to hear here
> what they think about that.

I think this list is mostly read by developers and packagers, which
excludes the target user base which should be polled.

> You think we do, we think we help users to have a nicer Gajim.

Yes, I am sure that this decision was made with good intentions.  I
don't dispute that.  But there's a reason why nearly nobody does this.
If it was a good thing, people would have figured that out long time

> I heard your complaint. Is it shared?

Ask on gnome-i18n (for example) where people actually use localized
environments and actively participate in translations.  The opinion of
a developer who doesn't use a localized MUA (which has a complete and
excellent French translation, I'm told) is biased by definition.

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