[Gajim-devel] Switch Gajim source repository to DVCS

Yann Leboulanger asterix at lagaule.org
Mon Dec 15 07:37:04 CET 2008

Nico Gulden wrote:
> Hello Gajim-Developers,
> recently we had a discussion about DVCS in Gajim's groupchat.
> I vote for switching from SVN to DVCS and below I want to outline why. Because
> Gajim is mostly implemented in Python, I guess Mercurial (hg) [1] could be the best
> choice.
> For me DVCS has only advantages ;-)
> - Speed
> - Complete repository
> - Independent from online repository, therefore offline commits
> - Easy branching for trying out new features
> - Easy merge
> - Simplicity
> - Increased overall flexibility
> There are certainly more. I found an article [2] summarizing them pretty well.
> I looked deeper into DVCS this summer and focused on Git. Therefore most of my
> links refer to Git, so do the articles [3] and [4]. There are a bunch more
> articles and blog entries about this topic.
> A short description how to convert subversion to mercurial can be found at
> [5]. I haven't tried it out yet. There is a mercurial plugin for trac [6]. I
> haven't used it yet and cannot tell how well it's working. Maybe someone on
> the list has some experiences about it. 
> I'd like to hear you oppinions about switching vom SVN to DVCS.

I recently merged bosh branch and trunk, and I cannot bear svn anymore.
And as Jonathan said, I already configures a mercurial repo a trac test
too. What needs to be done: port all hook scripts we had in svn, map svn
revs to hg revs (I have no idea how to do that ...)

So this will come soon :)

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