[Gajim-devel] gajim ncurses interface

Yann Le Boulanger asterix at lagaule.org
Fri May 18 22:37:42 CEST 2007

Thomas Prochaska <thomas at prochas.net> a écrit :

> hi!
> because of the lack of an real good terminal jabber client i wanted to
> write a ncurses frontend to gajim.
> am i right that nothing in this direction currently exists?
> now i just wanted to ask for your help (where to start, is it even
> possible or is the gajim source currently to unstructured or something).
> i really haven't that much practise in programming. maybe someone on
> this list feels that he's the right person to do this? ;)
> for the convenient implementation i found urwid, a higher level python
> library to ncurses (widgets, resize and unicode handling, ...).
> thanks for your answers and keep the good work going on gajim. in my
> oppinion it's the only real good jabber client at the moment.
> regards
> thomas prochaska

Hi thomas,

Gajim is structured so that you can write a frontend in what you want  
! And I think about a ncurses client since the begining of Gajim :)

In fact all the GTK part is separated from the core code.
The code code is in common/* no GTK in this folder / subfolder
GTK code is in src/*.py

so all you have to do is to "copy" the structure of src/gajim.py,  
which is the main part of the GTK interface, and adapt it to use  
ncurses. The start point is the __init__ function of the Interface  
class in src/gajim.py

I'll be happy to help you to code that


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