[Gajim-devel] First round on OS/X porting

Yann Le Boulanger asterix at lagaule.org
Wed May 2 08:45:56 CEST 2007

James Newton wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> Here is my first round of Gajim for OS/X using native GTK+. Basic
> functionality works. There are some UI quirks which are caused by the
> GTK+ port not being finished. You can chat, configure it, even sound
> can work if you have esdplay setup. If you would like to try out it
> you can find a build and a screen shot at:
> http://codepunks.org/share/gajim/
> The patch file includes all of the source, minus the OS/X style icon.
> That is attached separately to this email. It just needs to go into
> gajim/data/pixmaps/gajim.icns. The patch was made against svn
> repository version 8123, current as of right now. Instructions are
> included on how to build native GTK+ and the Gajim.app bundle. There
> is a TODO file which lists what is working and what is not working.
> Virtually all of the code is located in a new gajim/src/osx module.
> There are only some tiny changes in the main code to include the right
> bits in the right spots to enable it.
> Here is the list of what currently works:
> -idle checking
> -dbus (it works with the right libs, just a real pain to setup dbus)
> -systray icon
> -app bundle
>   - basic bundle created (statically pathed)
>   - building of native gtk environment
>   - universal binaries
> -notifications through growl, fallback works fine as well
> And the bits that dont work yet:
> -Application start/stop/doc handling
> -drag and drop
> -Network monitoring
> -spell checking
> -running apps like mozilla/safari, gnome-open
> -finish the .app bundle
>   - get dbus to easy install and run
>   - fix user session management
> -bouncing doc entry on notifications
> -top level menu, do something with it
> -Look at sound and esd sink
> -look at 'is gajim alive at startup'
> And some native GTK+ fixes that will need to happen:
> -menu's not following mouse and focusing menu elements
> -trayicon menu window unhidding when alt-tabbing from then back to app.
> maybe
> only when change focus by mouse to other window without choosing menu item
> to close it.
> -no way to pull up menu from roster row. no right hand mouse button.
> -cut and paste blows up GTK really quick. Also seems to blow up Finder
> and the os/x GUI server as well. very very nasty.
> Thanks!
> James Newton (aka baron)

Great news!

I have some questions about that:

1) Isn't it possible to have one script that install only GTK and one
that install only Gajim? It's not very good to include GTK in all
applications that needs it. So if 2 applications needs GTK, only one
installation of GTK is needed.

2) Is it possible to put the osx folder in gajim folder directly? debian
folder and scripts to build win32 version are there for exemple. After
that we should modify the global Makefile so that it can install the
osx-only sources in src/osx of you're compiling on this kind of
platform, so that cd gajim; make can work on OSX too.

About the trayicon menu that doesn't hide correctly, there is the same
problem under windows. What we did was to add a "hide this menu" entry.
ugly and horrible to use ... but better than nothing.

Thanks for your work!

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