[Gajim-devel] [gajim-devel] Audio files format

Stephan Maka stephan at spaceboyz.net
Thu Mar 8 19:56:19 CET 2007

Davidson Rodrigues Paulo wrote:
> I was looking at notification audio files of Gajim and I have found
> they're WAV PCM audio. What you think about convert they to Ogg
> Vorbis? The .ogg files will be about 89% smaller than .wav files at
> quality level 6.

Depends on the "Player" setting in the "Events" tab. Can ogg123 be
considered available everywhere?

That lets me think of another problem:
new versions introduce different config variable defaults, like it
happened with with "ascii_formatting". It will be very nice if modified
variables only are being saved to the config. It can then be assumed
that the user set them to his preference, but not letting long-time
Gajim users stay with old defaults.

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