[Gajim-devel] OT: YAXWE - Yet Another Xacktogether of West and East

Adrian C. anrxc at sysphere.org
Mon Aug 27 15:44:44 CEST 2007

I want to inform you all of an event that is happening in my 
country soon. I love the software you built and I consider lists people 
true hackers, so it seems as a proper fit.

Just maybe some of you were present in Pula, Croatia on 2004. when the 
Transnational HackingMeeting took place, and this year we have a similar 
event... same place, hopefully same people and an equaly successfull 
event. The event is free for all... entrance, accomodation, food etc. 
and Pula is an absolutly beautiful mediteranian city, famous by it's 
Arena (somewhat smaller than Milans colosseum :).

*YAXWE* - Yet Another Xacktogether of West and East
*September 14-16*, *Pula* (Istria, Adriatic Coast, Croatia)
former military complex Karlo Rojc
Organized by: *Monteparadiso Hacklab* & *Multimedia Institute*
Free admission

September 14-16 we, the folks from Monteparadiso Hacklab and Multimedia 
Institute, are organizing a hacker camp at the former military complex 
Karlo Rojc in Pula (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Istria). We want to 
bring together you, hackers from the Eastern Europe, Western Europe and 
all over the globe, in an informal setting to present their work, 
workshop, share skills and debate socio-political issues related to 
hacking. Issues such as:

* politics of hacking
* hacker autonomy vs. money
* hacker identities
* different histories of hacking in the east and the west
* illegal activities & piracy

The meeting will be organized around self-proposed, free style afternoon 
sessions and more structured evening debates. There will however be time 
to spend time in casual hang-outs and enjoy the time at the beach.

To register for participation at the edit:

To propose a presentation, a workshop, a skill you want to share or
obtain edit: http://www.yaxwe.org/bin/view/Yaxwe/YaxwePractice07

Paricipation in YaXwe will be free of charge. We also have a limited 
number of stipends we can give for budget travel and limited organized 
accommodation we can offer to participants. There will be plenty of 
space at the site to set up own tent and cheap accommodation in Pula is 
readily available. For more information on how to get to Pula and the 
venue go to: http://www.yaxwe.org/bin/view/Yaxwe/HowToGetToYaxwe

See you in Pula,

YaXwe team

GPG: 0xA8916BBD | sysphere.org/~anrxc/

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